Genius Squad Contest Winners

Congratulations to Greg, the grand prize winner of our Genius Squad contest! He will receive hardcover copies of both Genius Squad and Evil Genius, as well as some other Evil Genius stuff packed into an Evil Genius tote bag.

Don't forget the runners-up, Tayler, Jonathan, Ethan, and Jenna, who will all get a hardcover copy of Genius Squad!

Thanks to the winners and to everyone who entered. We are going to give away more Evil Genius stuff soon, so remember to visit frequently and subscribe to get updates to the blog in your email.


AngelGospel said...

My friend and I have created the first ever LJ community centered on Catherine Jinks' Evil Genius series. Like this blog (which has, to be honest, seemingly died out) we hold discussions on the series, post fanfiction/fanart, and just chill out. Unfortunately, the comm is in its baby phase and is in sore need of members. We'd love for any fans of Genius Squad/Evil Genius to join it, and whoever is the moderator of this blog, we'd also love to affiliate with you here. We all love the same series, so let's work together as a team to help it thrive!