Last Day to Enter the Genius Squad Contest!

Today is the last day to enter our contest to win one of 5 copies of Genius Squad by Catherine Jinks, including the grand prize: a copy of the book and an Evil Genius tote bag stuffed with Evil Genius and Genius Squad goodies!

Visit the original post for complete rules.

Enter the contest

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

So.....when will we know who won? It said April 1 or thereabouts, but...I didn't get an e-mail! I was supposed to win. XDDD

I kid, I kid. X)

Harcourt Books said...

@mere: The winners were notified on Tuesday, but I'm waiting for a response from the stragglers before posting the winners.

We'll probably be running another contest soon, so you'll have more chances to win. =)

@the user who asked "When does the book come out. Ooh i can't wait!": First, I had to remove your comment because of the name you used, sorry!

But to answer your question, Genius Squad had a release date of March 25, so it should be appearing in stores next week. Most booksellers will hold a copy for you and maybe give you a call when it comes in if you ask!

@Anonymous: your post was removed for profanity. If more posts like that happen, I'll have to change comments to not allow anonymous posting.

Anonymous said...

Another contest? I like the sound of that. I never win anything, but it's fun to get my hopes up. X)

Anonymous said...

I know the book Genius Squad comes out on March 25 but is it March 25th, 2008 or 2009? I LOVE THE BOOK EVIL GENIUS!!!!!!